Checkmate was born to create experiences for guests who visit our buildings.


We create modern comfortable home from home living spaces from which people can launch in to life in some of the most amazing cities in the world, letting them live like a local, but with the home comforts they expect and enjoy.

Travelling or being on vacation should be at least as luxurious or more than being at home, and our goal is to surprise and delight our guests every time. 

Ultimately life is short and its meant to be enjoyed. Our goal is to make sure people take away amazing memories and come with us on a journey to all our locations as their explore this amazing world. 

About Our Work

Michelle Rider
Location Scout

I find amazing locations for the team and evaluate new opportunities for investment.
Adam Kant
Residential Interior Designer

Spaces can be amazing or they can be dull. My responsibility is to ensure that never happens !
Julian Lim
Corporate Lawyer

Red tape is a fact of life. My job is to cut through it and keep us on the right side of justice to get our projects from paper to production.
Sophia Abrogado
Operations Director

Once we open for business in a location, we are only as good as our last guest's stay. I make those stays perfect
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Our Team